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Cultivating Community

In this episode, Tom talks about the importance of having, and building the community around you in order to meet and reach your goals! 

3 Must-Hear Takeaways from this episode

You are built for relationships, so be truly interested in people to attract others.
Community forces us to grow and we need to contribute equally back into it.
Be the person you would want in your life in order to cultivate relationships.

Show Notes:

You need to grow your community because you are built for relationships.

The first step to growing your community is being interested in people.

When you become truly interested in others, then you become contagious to them because they know you’re invested in their success and their story.

Surround yourself by people who are committed to your success and who are shaping, sharpening and pushing you to grow.

We don’t like to be told the truth, so we tend to grow into isolation because it’s safe and not challenging.

We need to cultivate relational boundaries to prevent your community from controlling you and forming co-dependency.

The most fulfilling community is the one that is mutually beneficial where everyone is getting something out of the relationship.

Don’t just be a consumer in your relationship, be a contributor so everyone is involved and coming alive.

Authenticity is what gives you permission to speak into anyone’s life. If you’re fake, then you’ll never surround yourself with the community.


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