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Cultivating forgiveness

In this episode, Tom discusses how unforgiveness shackles us to the person and problem, and how forgiveness is more for you than the one you are forgiving.

3 Must-Hear Takeaways from this episode

Not forgiving someone keeps you chained to that person, instead of being free.
Not forgiving leaves a wound, which festers and causes us to never move on.
Our pain is never wasted, because we can show others there is hope on the other side.

Show Notes:

The cultivated life is about not being paralyzed or stuck in those moments where you’ve been hurt by others. Letting go of drama and bitterness helps you grow as a person.

Often times, forgiving someone for the damage done is an ongoing process. It takes cultivating that forgiveness over and over again so we can grow past it.

Not forgiving leaves a fresh, open wound instead of a scar that shows you’ve grown past it. 

When a wound stays open too long, it gets infected and they start doing greater damage than the original offense. 

Living an infected life causes us to start infecting others, projecting and tainting them with our outlook and mindset.

Walking in forgiveness causes us to recognize an offense happened and then commit to moving past it and not being a slave to it.

Forgiveness frees us to not be paralyzed by those people, relationships, or situations that harmed us in the first place.

Action Steps

Don’t pretend that an offense didn’t happen. Own it and cultivate forgiveness to whatever has been taking up too much headspace and say those wounds are going to become scars. 

Forgiveness allows us to learn to trust and hope again. And, we can use that pain to bring healing to other people by showing we can grow past it.


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