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Cultivating Grit

In this episode, Tom will talk about cultivating grit — the attitude that says we’re not going to give up — and how we build that mentality that refuses to quit.

3 Must-Hear Takeaways from this episode

You have to put in the effort to see the results you desire, and that means having grit to power through.
Realize that you’re in it for the long game and success isn’t immediate or earned easily.
Don’t do too much too soon. Take small steps and celebrate the wins along the way.

Show Notes:

Living the Cultivation lifestyle means you have to put in the effort — it’s not going to fall in your lap. You determine your success by putting in the work.

Most people stop right on the verge of success. Many times, we are right on the cusp of getting where we want to be and we just stop, which is why we need to cultivate grit.

In order to build in us that “no quit” mentality, we first need to realize that we’re playing the long game. We need to realize that the things we’re striving for are not a sprint, they’re a marathon. We need to celebrate progress along the way, but know we’re in this for the journey.

We have to remind ourselves daily that we’re not in it for the quick fix. While it can be demotivating because the goal seems so far away, look for those small wins that are going to keep building and building until we get to be the person we want to be.

When we position ourselves to do the hard stuff and put in the work, we see results. For example, when we aren’t motivated to go to the gym, but we put in the work, we have real results to celebrate at the end of that workout.

Sometimes, we try to tackle too much because we want to have immediate success. So, instead of reading one book, we read five books. We need to put the grit in so that we finish all the chapters of that one book.

That may mean taking baby steps — using inspirational quotes, mapping out the steps needed to take each day — to get one small victory a day so we build that grit in us.

While life can be hard, know that you have been through difficult times and faced tough stuff but you are still here. You haven’t been conquered — you’re still alive and breathing, you already have the grit it takes to get through life.


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