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Cultivating Success: Intentionality leads the way

In this episode Tom talks about how you can cultivate success in your life and it starts with the right mindset. Toms tells us how your thoughts lead to your destiny and how to have a healthy mindset when life gets busy. Your mind is a muscle that needs to be trained and worked so you can reach your goals. Tom also talks about how you need to build your life on principles not opinions because opinions always change. Another key aspect of Cultivating success is setting up healthy boundaries to keep you on track to your goals.

3 Must-Hear Takeaways from this episode

We have to make sure we are setting ourselves up to succeed because no one is going to accidentally be successful.
Our thoughts determine our actions, and our actions determine our habits, our habits determine our character, and our character determines our destiny.
Your daily habits do more to determine your success than anything — small micro decisions have a major impact.

Show Notes:

5 Key Points for Cultivating Success:

  1. Success starts in our minds

  2. Build your life on principles

  3. Learn how to set up healthy boundaries

  4. Develop a personal growth plan

  5. Choose your guru

Our minds determine our emotions, attitude, and how we perceive things. We need to take time to get into some thought space and learn how to control them so they don’t get off track and take us to a negative, unproductive space.

Most of us live based on opinions, not principles. Opinions change at lightning speed, never acting as an anchor. We need things we never compromise on, because living on opinions creates confusion and stops progress.

Boundaries need to be put in place on time, energy, money, emotion, and attention. Areas of weakness or temptation need so that you can stay on track and keep moving forward.

Plan the plan: Map out what you’re going to do each day so you’re moving forward. One strategy is to develop a personal mission statement so it guides your focus on what skills need to be gained.

We are not built for isolation, so we need gurus speaking into our lives. We need close-knit interactive gurus, gurus who are far away such as podcasts, and historical gurus who give perspective such as nonfiction books.

Action Item: Chart your daily habits, evaluate and then rate them to see what habits are moving you towards success.


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