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Cultivating Time

In this episode Tom talks about how important it is to not waste time and how we can plan our time efficiently and effectively so we increase our productivity on the path to a Cultivated Life.

3 Must-Hear Takeaways from this episode

We need to maximize our time versus wasting our time.
Create a rhythm for your day by scheduling your most important tasks when you are most productive, and putting that in your routine.
Map out your day to automize your routine and maximize your efficiency.

Show Notes:

Time is a great magnifying glass on the efficiency and structure of our lives. Time can easily slip away and before we know it, we’ve failed to accomplish our goals.

That is why we need to plan our time instead of wasting our time. The goal is to create bandwidth to dream and strategize, and then build an action plan to take those steps towards living the Cultivated Life of being who you were meant to be and doing what you were always meant to do.

Be more effective at planning and utilizing your time by building routines into the rhythm of life. Discover the time of day where you are most productive, and put the important things that need to be done into that time of day so it becomes part of your routine.

Then, build a checklist of what needs to get done. Break it down into a handful of tasks and isolate what needs to be done to complete each task. That maps out the day and makes it pretty automated.

However, be sure to leave margin in your day for interruptions. Figure out how much time you can schedule for this so you limit how much you pivot and can get back on track.

It’s a lot of work upfront to build this structure, but if you do the work now, then you don’t have to think about planning later and you can maximize your time and productivity while avoiding aimlessness.


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