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Failure is our teacher

In this episode Tom illustrates how failures are not fatal and that they can be the teachers that actually push you towards reaching your goals.

3 Must-Hear Takeaways from this episode

Everyone has failed and we can’t be prisoners of our failures.
We have to redefine failure not as defeat, but as a teacher.
Failure is the birthplace of innovation and creation.

Show Notes:

Failures are powerful because they can be a success when used properly.

For example Google wants to fail fast. They try different things with the goal of failing as fast as possible. Why? So they can learn the lessons as quickly as possible.

Author T.D. Jakes says that failures aren’t a grave, but a garden to grow from.

When we fail, we take on the identity of that failure and feel like a failure ourselves. That is not true, because we have all failed in our lives.

The key to living the cultivated life is to get our failures to work for us so we can push through them.

We have to identify the wins in our failures. Although that seems like an oxymoron, we need to ask ourselves: What did I learn? What lesson can I pull out of this failure?

Failure is a great teacher. We get stuck in our failures and repeat the same mistakes when don’t learn a lesson and grow from that failure.

Failure is also the birthplace of innovation and creativity. Everything new came from the failure of something before it. What innovative thing is lying dormant in you because you haven’t learned from a failure and feel trapped by it?

Homework: Write down lessons you can learn from failure, even small ones. The failure could be a physical fitness goal and the lesson was you didn’t have a strategy for achieving the goal.


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