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Finding your word

In this episode, Tom challenges you to find a word that that has meaning for you and your life. And, he explains how having a word that is about what/who/where you want to be will guide you to reach your goal.

3 Must-Hear Takeaways from this episode

Find a meaningful word that will act as the theme for your life for an entire year.
That word will guide your actions and help you achieve your goals.
That word will shape how you reward yourself, how you see things, and train your brain to find what you’re looking for.

Show Notes:

Four years ago, Tom and his family sat down around the dinner table and picked a word that would be the theme for their year. They decided that all their choices and habits would be through the lens of that one word.

Year 1 was “Simple,” year 2 was “Generosity,” year 3 was “Courage,” and 2020’s theme is “Pivotal.”

Year one resulted in Tom’s family cleaning out their home but also saw them quit chasing things and instead sought experiences together. Now, Tom lives by the replacement principle, meaning that every time he buys something new, something old has to go out.

Year two saw his family take on special projects that weren’t expensive, but instead allowed for sharing. This included promotions for clean drinking water, getting gifts for families who couldn’t have a Christmas, and opening up their home for a “Friendsgiving” to spend Thanksgiving with their friends.

Year three saw them breaking through their fears and the barriers that held them back. And, this year will see them face a pivotal year such as Tom’s daughters graduating high school, his wife’s focus on her career as a health coach, and his pivotal year with this very podcast and his book coming in spring 2020.

When you set that word you’ve picked into motion, it shapes your conversations, goals, and dreams. You tell your brain what activities to reward yourself with, what lens to look at situations with, and you begin to find what you’re looking for.

The Cultivated Life is about doing what you need to do in order to be who you want to be. And, having a word that is about who you want to be will guide you to reach your goal.


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