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Healthy relationships are a worthwhile investment

In this episode Tom will show you how relationships are important and the need to invest time and care into them, while also being aware that we need to prune others.

3 Must-Hear Takeaways from this episode

We need to develop healthy relationships with people who make us better.
We need to invest time and care into our relationships, and create healthy barriers.
Sometimes we need to remove toxic relationships from our lives.

Show Notes:

We are built for relationships, not isolation. People who are isolated don’t develop in a healthy way.

That is why we need to place a high value on relationships and be intentional about them. And, we need to make sure we place the right emphasis on the right relationships.

Build relationships with purpose. Let people into your circle who move you forward, you can learn from, are authentic, and hold you accountable.

That means investing in relationships. Some develop easier than others, but to be authentic and transformational we need to make a mutual investment.

We do this by investing our time and making sure we are authentic and real in those moments spent together.

We also must invest care. Meaningful relationships are the ones that encourage us during a tough time or show interest in the things we are invested in.

Unfortunately, cultivating relationships means cutting out the people who move you further from your goals. Identify the people in your life who are toxic, or you have a toxic relationship with, and keep you from being who you want to be.

Set up healthy barriers to our relationships. When barriers are broken, a relationship becomes toxic. Setting up barriers can be subjective to each person, but one valuable way to set up a barrier is to find out what you see in people that you never want to become yourself.


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