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John Buckner: The importance of dreaming big

Sometimes people come into your life that you didn’t even know you were missing out on. In this episode, Tom continues season 3 by talking with one of those people — his friend John Bucker. They discuss the importance of dreaming in order to see real success.

3 Must-Hear Takeaways from this episode

Take stock of your current situation so you can see the steps to get where you want to be.
Dreaming about your best self is important for beginning a transformation.
Don’t aim for big transformation, start with little wins and it will start a cascading effect.

Show Notes:

John Buckner has spent most of his life serving others, whether it be through the church ministry or through health.

His mission to help others was formed through his family and their open-door policy. Working with people always came naturally and he felt early on that he wanted to speak life into others.

That led him into church ministry where he served people by taking them from where they are to where they want to be. He says that the vehicle he uses may have shifted, but his goal has stayed the same.

John discusses how a family tragedy shaped his thought processes as an adult and led him to feel trapped in a dark spot. But, getting his health in order gave him some much-needed wins and those little wins all added up to have a bigger effect by giving him the confidence to get other areas of his life in order.

John explains how he determined his worth through external measures, which led him to feeling like a failure. He had to redefine what success is, which led him to take stock of his current situation and begin to dream again.

He and Tom discuss how people need to an identity and a goal to pursue as most people are living below their best.

John explains how the motivation that drives his success comes from consistency and the habits we form. He explains no one wakes up where they want to be and we all want everyone else’s highlight reel, but we don’t want to put in work or grind every day to get there. That is why success begins with being really clear about where we want to be and who we want to become.

John adds that the hardest thing to do is look at your current reality. He says we can blame a lot of things, but until we look at ourselves and see where we want to go, we won’t know the steps it takes to get there.

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