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In this episode Tom explains how hesitation and procrastination will prevent you from reaching your full potential.

3 Must-Hear Takeaways from this episode

Avoid procrastinating by doing something that moves you, such as writing down or telling someone your goal.
Then don’t hesitate, take the first step and more will reveal itself along the journey.
Find something that motivates you, whether it be a support group or a reward.

Show Notes:

Sometimes we fail to take those actions we need to take that will help us achieve our goals and transform our lives. We do it because of procrastination, hesitation and a lack of motivation.

But as a quote I read recently said, “Do it now, because sometime becomes never.”

If we fail to take action, those things that were inspiration become a prison. Those things we never did hold us down with guilt and shame.

When I choose to not hesitate, it keeps me pliable to learn lessons along the journey. When you allow hesitation to keep you from taking action is you remove the option to grow during the journey.

It is not about the destination, it’s not about the end goal — it’s about our growth and transformation, the failures, victories, and lessons we learn along the way.

For example: Taking a long, draining hike takes its physical toll but reaching the summit allows you to take in sights and wonders you can’t imagine…And, it all starts by taking the first step.

Find something that motivates you. Surround yourself with accountability or incentivize it with a reward.


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