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Taking Risks

In this episode Tom encourages you to be a risk taker by explaining that true happiness resides in striving for something and the consequences of failing to take a risk.

3 Must-Hear Takeaways from this episode

We are at our happiest when we live outside our comfort zones and take risks.
If we fail to take a risk, we will be haunted by regret.
Everything is a risk, until we decide to take it.

Show Notes:

When we remove all obstacles from life and get comfortable, we fail to truly live and then we also live with the regret of not taking risk.

Studies have shown that those who are risk-adverse and try to live in a comfort zone, are the least happy. The things that have meaning require a risk and create value, giving purpose to life.

Regrets of our life are not based off poor decisions, but the risks we don’t take. Our biggest regret is not becoming the person we wanted to be. Haunted by the dream or goal we didn’t accomplish because it seemed to risky or far fetched.

Taking a risk and get the reward, never choose to do it again.

Everything is a risk…until it’s not. There are pieces of technology, elements of regular life, even regular activities in our own lives that we would’t have without a risk. When you know we’re not guaranteed anything, you become less risk adverse.

When taking a risk, bring others along with you. Risks are easier to take when you do them with others, and you want others to experience that reward from taking a risk. The greatest reward is going on a journey with others, so share your goals and dreams with others so they can join.


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