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The first step: Taking action

This episode is all about taking that first step. Usually, it is the most difficult step, and the one that requires the most energy and effort. Start the change of momentum today by taking action.

3 Must-Hear Takeaways from this episode

Momentum creates motivation
Cultivate a “take action” mindset.
Have a ‘learn as you go’ attitude

Show Notes:

The first step always seems to be the hardest step. Just take it toward your goal.

Taking action does not require “getting it right.” Celebrate the progress and the process instead of just the destination/goal.

Sometimes being a planner/overthinker paralyzes us from taking action. However, taking action does not always require a plan. You can’t see around the corner until you walk around the corner.

It is important the know that the greatest plans will have elements of surprise. So learn as you go.

Success can be paralyzing because we try to duplicate them. While failures can be great teachers. We should learn from both.

In every failure are elements of success, if you are willing to learn from them.

As you are cultivating dreams and taking action, you are going to attract similar people, learning from one another.

As you begin to take action, learn, and become more efficient at chasing your goals and dreams, momentum fires your motivation.


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