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Thea Wood: The DNA of Success

In this episode, Tom interviews Thea Wood. A wife, mother, and health and life coach, Thea talk about the makeup of family and financial success.

3 Must-Hear Takeaways from this episode

The only way you fail is if you quit.
Everything you do in the now matters, because it’s all connected to your future self.
Lean into the community. Have a couple of key people in your life you can rely on.

Show Notes:

Tom: Did you always know this was what you would be doing?

Thea: I don’t think I was able to envision the magnitude of the calling of God on our lives. I grew up in the Jesus Freak movement and I felt called to be a world changer. Got married at 19 and my dream was to become a mom, I loved that but yet there was a part of me that wanted to change the world. About 29 is when I had an awakening in my life. I got healthy and took responsibility, getting my physical body in alignment woke my spirit up. I dreamed but not this big.

Tom: What has been the main ingredient to your success?

Thea: The only way you fail is if you quit. When I was a young girl growing up in the midwest, I chose to focus on the blessings of my bloodline which are a hard work ethic, to give each day your best, and how to pray. When I look at my life today, it’s not magic pixie dust. It’s a decision every day to lean into God and never give up.

Tom: I think a lot of people perceive that success is given rather than earned. Success is available to everybody.

Thea: When people imagine hard work, is that it’s this toiling grind. Sometimes it’s showing up.

Tom: How have you had to pivot from what you imagined success would be like?

Thea: I’ll tell you a story just this past year. I was challenged by my coach to imagine my future self. I have a heart for Israel and committed to run a marathon in Jerusalem. When the pandemic hit, I could go so I ran it in Scottsdale, AZ. I did that because everything I do in the now matters, it’s connected to the future me. I could just sit and whine about all the training I had done and how this amazing trip got ruined. I said I’m still going to pray for Israel and my heart is still there. It turned out better, but that’s what is interesting — when you do pivot there’s greater joy and blessing on the other side.

Tom: Would my 60-year-old self thank me for doing, buying, or saying that. Been a very powerful pull to that person.

Thea: It’s not about looking to your left or right for someone else to lead you. You are leading yourself. You’re no longer looking for the next person to fix your problems or your marriage. You’re taking personal responsibility because I’m not looking for someone to coach me.

Tom: How do people cultivate the grit, work ethic to do the tough stuff of pursuing your goals and dreams?

Thea: It’s important to find a rhythm of life. How I eat every day is how I show up, I make sure I have really good nutrition. I make sure I drink water. I know these are really simple, but this is the magic code: I wake up, I drink water, I watch my nutrition, I eat every few hours, I get out in nature and do a power walk, the word of God, and surrounding yourself with the type of people you want to be.

Tom: What are some of those common things you’ve seen that cause people fail or give up?

Thea: They just didn’t lean into the community. They slowly began to isolate, but that’s an important piece of the puzzle. If you find yourself falling into depression, let a couple of key people in your life know. The resistance is always going to come, we all have dark days. We have to know we are not alone. For me, kick fear in the face came out of a place where I felt so alone. I was getting my health in order and everyone was so negative, and I felt like I got this tap on my shoulder from God saying “I see you, you’re not alone, are you ready to go? Are you ready to kick fear in the face?” It’s just become a way of living and people have grabbed ahold of it.

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