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What are you looking for?

In this episode Tom talks about how we can change what our brains look for and train it to find the positives that move us closer to our goals.

3 Must-Hear Takeaways from this episode

Your brain craves information. You can choose what information you put into it and, thereby, what it looks for.
You can change what your brain looks for by rewarding it when it finds positives.
Associate breakthrough moments in your brain with a chemical reward.

Show Notes:

Have you ever looked at your watch and then still not know what time it is because you looked at the date instead of the time? That happens because your brain acts like a filter for keeping useful information and removing useless information.

Scientists have figured out that brain eliminates anything that isn’t dangerous, and is also scanning for affirmation that you were right. That basically means that we get what we’re looking for in life.

So, what if you could change what your brain is looking for? You can do this by rewarding your brain by telling it that it is right when it comes to positive things that affect change in our lives.

Your brain looks for those things it gets a chemical reward for. You can celebrate those things that help you get closer to being the person you want to be or achieving the goal you have in mind.

Train your brain to look for moments that will instill the person you want to become. Start mapping out some of the things that you reward your brain for and program your brain to be rewarded with the discovery, breakthrough moments.

Write down your goals so you have a visual for your brain to associate with breakthroughs, such as a new relationship, an identity transformation, a physical change, a new dream, or a new opportunity.


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