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Why Cultivation? The mission

In this episode, we discuss the mission and purpose behind why we launched this podcast. We also discuss how often and what formats you can join this conversation!

3 Must-Hear Takeaways from this episode

The purpose of the podcast is to dig deeper into our lives
You are not an accident. You are here for a purpose.
Cultivation is an ongoing journey.

Show Notes:

With so many podcasts, why should you subscribe to this one? It is our intent to dig deep and awaken purpose, dreams, and possibilities.

This podcast is about cultivating a “don’t quit” attitude.

Every week will have a new episode. And we will read feedback in fashioning the podcast as we move forward.

Two years ago, Tom cultivated a new mission statement for his life. “To find and discover people’s strengths, and match those with God’s plan for their lives.”

While training people to become leaders in their own lives, Tom realized he wasn’t living up to his own potential in some areas, especially health.

Tom decided to lead himself in his health. During the journey, Tom developed the tools of “self leadership.”

This podcast is the roadmap for anyone who wants to cultivate self leadership in just about any area of their life.


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