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Your Story

In this episode, Tom talks about YOU. Specifically, your story. He wants to explain the significance, impact, and importance of your story and why you should share it.

3 Must-Hear Takeaways from this episode

Your story brings impact, lessons, and lots of tools to others.
Your scars from difficult situations in life are the proof that your journey has strengthened you.
Your failures in your story are our lessons, your breakthroughs are our inspiration.

Show Notes:

At a young age, Tom was an angry person with a tumultuous life, doing things he shouldn’t be doing. In fact, he got angry enough that he was five days away from getting a gun to shoot his own father with. Fortunately, he had an awakening and turned his life around. Now he uses this story to inspire people.

Everyone one of us has a story. Sometimes it’s more dramatic than another person’s story, but every story is valuable because it has lessons and inspiration for others.

Your strength is your story — you’ve overcome and worked through all sorts of difficult things in your life. And, you may bear the scars but they are not a wound. They represent that you’re stronger now than before. It shows that those things that tried to break you have strengthened you to take life from a different perspective and walk through things.

If you’re wounded by life, turn those wounds into scars. An open wound can be poisonous, so you don’t want to be infected by life. Work through those wounds so you can heal.

Your failures, are our lessons we can learn. That’s why we need to hear your story, because there is a lesson that can make us all better for hearing it.

Your breakthrough is our inspiration. People are inspired by your breakthrough, no matter how normal and insignificant they are. You may have heartbreak and disappointment in your life, but you came through it. It shows others that they can conquer their problems and they lean on your story to get through difficult times.

Map out your story, your biggest lessons, and look for opportunities to share those. Your biggest failures become your biggest lessons and are your biggest growth moments.


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